Bylaw Amendment Changes Placed on Hold

At the annual November meeting, 2 motions to amend the bylaws were introduced to the general meeting. Motion #1 was to remove the two-tier member / non-member registration status and change to a simple member only registration. Motion #2 was to remove the restriction on membership which is currently open only to a practice that is 50% or greater owned by a physical therapist(s).

The rationale was presented that since the organization already allows non-members the opportunity to attend two of the four quarterly meetings without having to pay for membership, why not simply open it up to more persons and also be able to collect annual dues from those person.

Both motions were passed during the meeting, however, after the meeting the board was presented with a procedural objection to the vote. The bylaws currently state that members should have been afforded a minimum 20 days notice of the proposed motions prior to a call for a vote. As well, there was an objection that the vote count might have included persons representing the same company/clinic. Membership clearly states only one vote per company/clinic.

The board has decided to stay any changes to the byaws until they meet in January. At that time they will discuss the issues and make recommendations for corrective action.

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