KPS Health Plans to transition to Group Health Options

KPS Health Plans has issued notice that it will begin it’s voluntary dissolution and concurrent transfer of all liabilities and obligations to Group Health Options. Both KPS and Group Health Options are wholly owned by Group Health Cooperative.

KPS will begin the voluntary dissolution process described within RCW 24.06.260 through RCW 24.06.280 with the intent of ceasing it’s operational affairs effective December 31, 2015, or as soon as thereafter possible. It is possible KPS may continue to conduct business in 2016.

Group Health Options and KPS are working together to facilitate a transition as seamless as possible for KPS enrollees, associates, and creditors. No liabilities or obligations of KPS shall go unsatisfied as a result of this process. KPS shall make commercially reasonable efforts to pay or otherwise discharge such liabilities and obligations prior to its formal dissolution. As of such time GHO will be assuming all unsatisfied liabilities and obligations of KPS.

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